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• 6/4/2013

Anatomy of cards, and possibility of trading between or within players?

I'm a relatively new player (losh14) and wanted to know if there was a guide to the anatomy of the cards. I've figured out most of it, but I can't tell a difference between uncommon, common, rare and epic by looking at a card. 

Also, in my booster packs I've received some cards that don't work with my hero, ie an Elf card for my Undead hero. Is it possible to trade these (or any, really) cards with other players? Can I trade them between my two heroes, ie if I were to also start a new game with a new Elf hero?

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• 6/8/2013

Not sure about the trading thing, but I can help with the rarity! 

Common cards: Plain border, grey bottom section.

Uncommon cards: More swirly border, and bronze bottom section.

Rare cards: Quite fancy border, silver bottom section, and one blue gem in the top right hand corner.

Epic cards: Fanciest border, gold bottom section, and 5 blue gems in the border.

• 11/12/2013

You can trade cards between your own characters. I created 5 for this exact purpose...getting cards that are only really valuable for a certain race or class. Having five characters also has the added bonus of getting you more runes and gold quicker as they can be shared. (This is all Android related...not sure if it's the same for iOS.

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