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• 4/16/2013

Orc cards have a huge disadvantage

Is it just me or do Orc cards have a huge disadvantage with madness, dealing 2 damage to your neighbors seems like it sucks?

why would you use that?

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• 4/16/2013

Orcs generally have higher stats so madness balances it out. It's not that hard to work around either, just place your cards on left right and middle lanes.

• 4/17/2013

agreed, or so would I say if I hadn't forced myself to play orcs over and over again to get more experience..

in fact, orc's have most likely most health and dmg .. as far as I say that :)

sure, that madness sucks like hell (sometimes) but you can also take it to your advantage ;)

if one of you monsters is almost dead an you know that it will die in the next turn, before the actual combat starts, you might want to kill it in advance and replace it with a monster that has full health (won 2 matches this way :) )

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